2 rental log cabins for 2 persons

As an alternative to camping in a tent or caravan/mobile home, our all-in-one rental log cabins are very popular. These log cabins are suitable for 2 persons and are situated in a quiet location on the terraces.

We kindly ask you to bring your own bed covers, sheets and towels – we will gladly provide everything for an extra fee if you let us know when making your reservation.

our prices

 Haupts.Vor- und Nachs.
Miethütte für 2 Pers.€ 38,00€ 34,50
Miethütte für 1 Pers.€ 30,50€ 27,00
weitere Person ab 3 Jahre€ 10,00€ 10,00
+ einmalige Endreinigung Miethütte€ 15,00€ 15,00
+ Tourismusabgabe pro Person ab 15 J. und Nacht€ 2,00€ 2,00
Hund€ 5,20€ 5,00